Trouble on the box

TV4 announced their autumn schedule this week and it showed a marked change of strategy: "More breasts and younger, hipper actors," as Sydsvenskan put it.

The channel has been losing young viewers to commercial channels TV3 and Kanal 5, and wants them back. The new presenter of reality show “The Farm” promises “lots of conflicts, quarrels and love.” TV4 might not have revolutionary ideas when it comes to increasing their viewer share, but a strong bikini factor might well help them out.

For those readers still interested in the whole “Bonsai” crisis (see Director slams Swedish TV for a recent update), the book has been closed. Sort of.

“Bonsai” was nearly finished when writer and director Filippa Pierrou was fired, but we’ll never see the end of the drama that nearly was. After a few days of meetings with actors, Swedish Television announced that the production would be stopped entirely.

Dagens Nyheter’s coverage of the situation has focused on the money lost. Pierrou went on record with her surprise that so much of the Swedish taxpayers’ money had been thrown aside – 12 million crowns, by her estimation – while Swedish Television executive Gunwi Silander said that they simply didn’t have any more money to pump into the project. For the moment, the issue has been resolved.