Celebrities pushing up house prices

Celebrities' property demands are pushing up the price for everyone else, according to an article in Monday's Svenska Dagbladet. Prices for houses are rising rapidly, especially at the top end of the market.

The average price for each square metre of a property in the centre of Stockholm is currently 33,000 crowns, and the asking price for a villa in the suburbs with a garden is at least a couple of million. The most expensive property currently on the market is an “estate” in Danderyd priced at 11 million crowns, while Sjövik and Djurgården are experiencing particularly stiff rises.

And Swedes are wising up to the financial benefits of giving the place a lick of paint before selling: ‘Von Holsteins Villa’ in Saltsjöbaden was recently renovated and went from being worth a mere 11 million to a whopping 30 million.

Svd explained that the owners are usually “senior executives” from large corporations in the financial and IT industries – but also football stars and other “celebrities”.

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