“False King” upsets palace

An impersonator who specialises in imitating King Carl Gustav has incurred the royal disapproval after a photograph of him - as the king - was used in an advertisement for a golf club.

Tuesday’s Expressen reported that Jan Wolfhagen – whose repertoire encompasses the likes of Per Gessle and Robert Wells – received a letter from Christer Lignell, the king’s private secretary, pointing out that it is illegal to use a picture of someone in an advertisement without their permission.

“But it’s not the king in the picture,” Wolfhagen pointed out to Expressen. “It’s me.”

No doubt the media lawyers among readers have already left to offer their services to Wolfhagen, but he seems to be a man who knows his rights.

“Yeah, it’s funny that the king got in touch with me, but I’m not planning to stop imitating royalty,” he said. “I know that there’s nothing to stop you imitating people.”

The king himself is on a state visit to Iceland at the moment with the Queen and Crown Princess Victoria. While they braved Tuesday’s rain and wind in Reykjavik, the press sensibly stayed at home and concentrated on the demise of Princess Madeleine’s summer.

It’s over two weeks since the press quietly reported on the end of Victoria’s summer . This week it was her younger sister’s turn to hang up her boogie boots and buckle down for the autumn.

“Madde’s wild party-life is over,” declared Aftonbladet, rather oddly deeming the story worthy of the front cover.

“Now she’s going to focus on a 20-point course in Ethnology at Stockholm University,” the paper said, quoting a mysterious ‘friend’.

The same ‘friend’ announced, rather recklessly, “Madde’s had an amazing summer!” which, the paper reminded its readers, largely consisted of partying, shopping and trotting about.

It all started with a couple of weeks in Stockholm, just hanging out, before the princess zipped off to Öland to celebrate Victoria’s birthday. Unfortunately Madde didn’t get any time to chill at Solliden “because of all the foreign press photographers who bugged her, hovering about her home.”

So seeking peace and tranquility, Madde and reported boyfriend Jonas Bergström decided to give that isolated, little-known French retreat, St. Tropez, a try. But then we already know that because we saw the photos at the time in, erm, Aftonbladet.

Anyway, Madde loved it there and busied herself with parties, friends and buying “expensive designer gear in the boutiques”. She even managed to squeeze in an evening at the same club as those wild fortysomethings Johnny Depp and Uma Thurman – which no doubt made a change from Robinson-Emma et al.

Alas, Aftonbladet lamented, “the wild nights with Hollywood superstars are over” for Madeleine this summer. Now it’s back to the classroom, homework and essays.

So what about young Prince Carl Philip? When will his summer be over? Watch this space – sometime in early October.

Sources: Expressen, Aftonbladet

Jon Buscall