Women join the elk hunt

Aftonbladet reported on Monday that almost 14,000 Swedish women are loading their shotguns in preparation for the annual elk hunting season in Sweden this autumn.

While it is not uncommon for women to take part in elk-hunting, the majority of the hunting teams across the nation are predominantly male. Now, the Swedish Hunting Association is pressing for more women to join up.

Ulla Rönnqvist is one of the women from the organisation who believes it’s positive and liberating for women to take part in a sport that is effectively male dominated by tradition.

“In a way women are better at shooting than men,” said Rönnqvist. “They very rarely fire a shot they regret afterwards. They hit target almost all the time.”

Although she admitted that it can be difficult for women to find their feet in such a male-dominated environment, Rönnqvist explained that hunting is the perfect way of “zoning out” from busy and hectic family lives.

“Many young women have children and it’s hard for them to get away,” she said. “But we tell them to be pushy and to grab the opportunity to get out in nature with both men and women.”