Psychologist murder: “no weapon, no suspects”

Despite numerous tabloid declarations of developments in the hunt for the killer of 56 year old Helena Bering, a Stockholm psychologist, police are still no closer to solving the case.

“The murderer was injured,” declared Monday’s Aftonbladet, while Tuesday’s Expressen focused on the couple who fled Sweden for Latvia “with false passports”.

The police, however, were a little more circumspect.

“We have no murder weapon and no suspects at the moment,” police spokesman Ulf Göranzon said in Monday’s DN.

Helena Bering was found dead in a forest northwest of Stockholm on August 29th after an eleven-day search for her. The clues so far have led police from Bålsta, where her body was found, to downtown Stockholm where she was last seen alive, and to the ferry terminal in Nynäshamn, where her car was discovered.

Traces of blood in her car have been sent to the state forensic laboratory for analysis. Aftonbladet reported that the blood is being matched to Sweden’s DNA registry in the hopes of identifying the possible murderer. Göranzon told the tabloid that a preliminary match has been found but police will not release the result yet.

Police believe the as-yet undiscovered murder weapon to be a small knife that the killer might still be carrying. The blood found in Bering’s car could also mean that the murderer was injured during the crime.

Expressen reported that police are looking for a 37 year old man and a 20 year old woman, both Latvian, who checked into a cabin on a ferry leaving Nynäshamn the same night Bering’s car was found at the terminal. The ferry went to Latvia where the trail for both people apparently dried up.

A highly-ranked police officer told Expressen, “We cannot arrest them as they are not suspected of any crime in their home country.”

Bering was a mother of five who had practised psychology with a number of dangerous criminals in psychiatric wards. In the course of the investigation police have spoken with more than 100 prisoners and potential witnesses without coming any closer to an arrest.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Aftonbladet

Dodi Axelson