Anna Lindh “slandered” on the internet

A Swedish website has been discovered with faked pornographic pictures of Anna Lindh and spoof ads about murder weapons, reported Aftonbladet on Tuesday. The timing of the discovery - in the midst of preparations for the memorial of Lindh's death one year ago - made it particularly disturbing.

“It is very sad that people are trying to use and abuse Anna’s name just to get some attention”, said Anita Krantz at the Anna Lindh Memorial Foundation.

Amost directly after Lindh’s murder, so-called “name thieves” were discovered trying to register internet-addresses in Anna Lindh’s name. The latest site was registered last February and the owner is listed as “Anita and Televinken”, a famous children’s programme from the 70s.

Last spring some other websites were discovered with slanderous fake pictures of Lindh, including one with her sitting in her office with a hanging rope beside her.

The latest site also features “death lists” with check boxes against each name, indicating who has been “dealt with” and who is next. Olof Palme and Anna Lindh have crosses in the boxes beside their names and other people on the list are Laila Freivalds and Göran Persson.

Solicitors are working to find a way of closing the site down.