Where to grab a fab kebab

As the cosmopolitan kebab replaces the homely hot dog as the beer sponge of choice for young Swedes staggering home on a Friday evening, a new web site has been set up to ensure that consumers know where to get the best one.

Alltomkebab.se was set up by five young men who all work in IT and “eat a kebab at least once a week”. No questioning their credentials, then.

Aanyway, according to Tuesday’s Svenska Dagbladet, their website features such treasures as a game called “Kebab defender” and chat forums (no doubt soon to be filled with ‘kebabble’) – as well as “The Kebab Shop” where you can buy t-shirts and other “souvenirs” to do with the “Middle Eastern version of a hamburger”.

There are reviews and fact files about different kebab shops in the Stockholm region. In the kebabsters’ expert opinion a good kebab consists of soft and freshly carved meat, a red and a white sauce with meat and vegetables mixed “in harmony” plus a topping of the traditional Feferoni. Kebabs made from microwaved meat and bread other than the traditional pitta gets immediately downrated.

The lads’ verdict is that you’re more likely to find a decent kebab out in the suburbs than in the centre of the city – and they say there is no such thing as “bad hygiene” in Swedish kebab parlours.

“Nobody in our company has ever been sick from a bad kebab,” said Ted Lindholm, one of the men behind the project. “The only thing that will make you sick is if you eat too much.”