Business Brief

Eastern Baltic region expanding

Russia, Latvia and Lithuania are the fastest growing areas in the Baltic region with all three countries expecting growth rates in excess of 7 per cent this year, according to Föreningssparbanken.

The bank also forecasts GDP growth of 5.7 and 5.5 per cent respectively for Poland and Estonia this year.

“Swedish firms can benefit from the strong demand on the Russian market with its growing middle-class,” commented the bank’s analyst Cecilia Hermansson.

Burger King plans to expand in Scandinavia

Fast-food chain Burger King plans to open a record number of restaurants in Scandinavia this year and aims to double sales within six years.

“We’re operating at a profit and in the coming years we expect to open ten restaurants per year in Scandinavia, the majority of which will be in Sweden,” said Stefan Eriksson, chief executive for Burger King in Scandinavia.

People choosing to fly again

2,342,700 passengers passed through Swedish airports in August – up 4 per cent year-on-year.

Meanwhile SAS reported that the total number of passengers rose by 5.1 per cent in August year-on-year.

Plastic bags – pure profit for stores

Supermarkets and wine shops make a tidy profit for every plastic bag sold. The green plastic bag that Systembolaget sells to customers for one krona has a trade price of 25 öre. With VAT deducted, the monopoly makes a profit of 50 öre on each bag and with more than 70 million bags sold per year, makes an annual profit on bags alone of 35 million kronor.


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