Faulty barriers at train crash site

Aftonbladet reported on Sunday that a train crash in Kristianstad last Friday could have been caused by faulty barriers at the crossing. The "Kustpilen" train, which travels along the southeast coast, crashed in to a lorry which had become stuck at the crossing in Nosaby outside Kristianstad.

Two people died in the crash, and at least 47 people were injured.

According to accident inspectors there is nothing so far that proves that the barriers were out of order. However, the lorry driver has given a statement in which he claimed he saw the traffic lights go off before the accident.

“We did have a fault at the traffic control depot in Nosaby the night before the accident. The barriers were down then, and there weren’t any trains passing by”, said Lars-Erik Bergqvist, investigating the incident.

Bergqvist will continue to focus on the barriers at the crossing where the incident occurred, as well as the lights further down the track. Other people in Kristianstad said the barriers “cannot be relied on”.

“About a year ago I called 999 because the lights showed red, although no train arrived”, said Patrik Jönsson who lives nearby.

Bergqvist said that if the barriers are not down then there should be an automatic signal to the driver before he or she gets to the crossing.

Most of those who were injured have now left the hospital in Kristianstad.