Moderate drinker in drunken brawl

There’s nothing like a cocktail or two to make life seem fantastic. Or maybe not.

As the alcohol spokesman for the conservative Moderates found out, tossing back a few can not only be embarrassing, it can be dangerous to yourself, those around you and to your career.

Per Bill, deputy chairman of the parliamentary economics commission, was arrested for violent conduct last week as he was returning to his home in Stockholm after a wine-tasting event late on Thursday. Bill was erratically pushing his young son’s pram at the time of the arrest.

A private security worker complained that the conservative lawmaker was “staggering and a couple of times nearly got knocked over, pram and all”. The woman has filed a complaint against Bill, claiming he hit her when she attempted to immobilize him as she waited for police to arrive.

Bill, who spent several hours in custody before being released, said that yes, he had drunk some wine, but only in reasonable quantities so that “life seemed fantastic”.

Life no doubt seemed considerably less fantastic at the press conference the following day.

Bill was beyond contrite – although a stinking hangover may have had something to do with it – admitting that his actions were foolish and that he took full responsibility for them. Bill told reporters that although he probably should not have tried to escape, he had been afraid because he lived in fear of attack by neo-Nazis.

The Moderate leadership has not yet made a formal statement on the incident, although there is some speculation the incident could have the same affect on Bill’s career as numerous alcohol-related incidents partly had on Gudrun Schyman’s career: so expect to see him appearing on any panel discussion that’ll have him.

Judi Lembke