Swedish referee “attacked”

Perennially tanned Swedish referee Anders Frisk was hit on the forehead by an object - thought to have been a cigarette lighter - during a Champions League match between Roma and Dynamo Kiev in Rome on Wednesday night.

“Swedish Ref Attacked!” barked Aftonbladet on Thursday, whilst Expressen called it a “An act of hooliganism”.

With Kiev leading 1-0 after twenty minutes, the Italian supporters grew increasingly frustrated. Frustration turned to anger and Frisk was struck by an object thrown from the terraces as he left the field surrounded by his linesmen. He collapsed with blood streaming from his brow.

Led quickly away to the changing rooms, Frisk allegedly fainted “for a couple of seconds” but thankfully the internationally renowned referee didn’t need hospital treatment. However, Bosse Karlsson, who heads the Swedish referee association, told Expressen Frisk “needed a couple of stitches in his forehead” at the stadium.

Unable to continue because of the injury and the lack of security in the stadium, Frisk abandoned the match.

Jon Buscall

UEFA, European football’s governing body, are expected to impose heavy sanctions against Roma for failing to ensure the Swedish referee’s safety.