Lighter gas killed 14-year-old girl

A 14 year old girl who sniffed lighter gas with some friends died from inhaling the fumes.

Kathrin Olea went with a group of other girls to a newsagent to buy cigarettes and they decided to buy a can of lighter gas and try to sniff it, according to Expressen on Thursday.

Kathrin immediately went into a coma and was rushed to hospital where it was first suspected that she had suffered a heart attack.

In fact, the lighter gas had given her severe brain damage and a week later her parents made the decision to turn off the life support system.

There is no minimum age for purchasing lighter gas in Sweden and the girl’s father demanded that there should be a ban on selling lighter gas to people under 18 years of age, similar to regulations on other substances.

“I will never get my little girl back, but I want to tell her story so that people who read this will know what can happen if you start sniffing,” he said.