Carl Philip follows in Party King?s footsteps

Swedes love to think of their royals as ordinary, down-to-earth sorts. And indeed, pictures this week of Princess Madeleine trying to sort out her brother’s ‘fogeyish’ dress-sense might have made them look like any other family. It was left up to the king himself to show his offspring the way to party royally.

Expressen revealed breathlessly that King Carl Gustaf is a member of an exclusive members’ club in central Stockholm. The king “asks his driver to take him to the discrete club belonging to his friend Noppe Lewenhaupts,” the paper said.

While The Local wouldn’t dream of questioning His Majesty’s taste, the description of the club suggested that it will not be selected for appearance on our listings page any time soon. The walls, explained Expressen, are adorned with an oil painting of Noppe himself, and at tables round the club sit “divorced, upper-class women with perfect make-up,” on the look out for “divorced men with an upper-class suntan and well-manicured nails.”

“It’s something of an aristocratic meat-market in there,” an unnamed source told Expressen.

Expressen claimed to be surprised by its ‘discoveries’ about the king’s lifestyle. “The official picture of the king and queen is that they are normal people in their spare time,” it asserted, “but the king’s spare time is taken up by multi-millionaire friends, hunting, boats and cars.”

Another royal for whom fast cars are becoming a habit is Prince Carl-Philip, Duke of Värmland. The young prince has been dubbed ‘The Duke of Vroomland’, after his debut as a racing driver in a competition in Karlskoga. The prince, driving a Volvo S40, came eighth in the race, out of a field of twenty-four.

“It went better than I had dared to hope,” was Carl Philip’s assessment of his performance.

Still, if Carl-Philip cuts a dash on the racing circuit, the same can hardly be said for his performance in the fashion stakes. Aftonbladet has declared that the young prince dresses “like an old man.” But the paper was on hand this week to report that the prince was getting lessons in style from his sister, Madeleine.

The force behind the makeover of Carl-Philip is his girlfriend, Emma, but it was Madeleine whom Aftonbladet credited with creating a new look for the prince. Madeleine and Emma were spotted taking him round exclusive Stockholm boutiques in search of new togs.

The group were reported to have left NK, an upmarket Stockholm department store, with “loads of bags”, and were also said to have stopped by Gucci and Boss on their rounds.

Crown Princess Victoria, however, was not participating in her brother’s makeover. “She’s not half as interested in clothes as her siblings,” a friend told Aftonbladet.

Nor will she be shopping for a wedding dress any time soon, it seems. A German gossip magazine, Woch der Frau, was forced to print a correction after it claimed that Victoria was about to get married. Her lawyer, the appropriately named Matthias Prinz, has made the magazine print a front-page correction stating that the princess has “no wedding plans for the time being.”

But at least when the happy day arrives, she’ll have her own makeover guru close at hand.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen, Aftonbladet