Record crowds flock to Warhol in Stockholm

An Andy Warhol exhibition recently opened at Liljevachs Konsthall to record-high crowds, and the museum director is pleased as punch. Bo Nilsson is a big, big Warhol fan and the show seems to be a bit of a personal triumph for him.

The press this week focused on the Konsthall’s director, Nilsson, and his lifelong love of Mr. Warhol. Dagens Nyheter’s article on the show began with Nilsson’s 1974 encounter with a certain Velvet Underground album and his introduction to – and subsequent obsession with – Andy Warhol.

Both DN and Svenska Dagbladet retold the story of Nilsson’s brief meeting with Warhol at an opening in 1981: apparently Nilsson went to an opening in New York and peppered Warhol with questions, and was disappointed when each question was met by a reply along the lines of, “Uh..”

Warhol signed Nilsson’s shirt, but the beloved Lacoste was accidentally washed some time later.

Nilsson happily gave press tours of the show and patiently explained why you can’t buy Warhol wallpaper for your home. The show is a big one for the venue, and was produced in cooperation with Kunstpalats Düssseldorf, Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, and Kunstmusem Liechtenstein – simply covering the insurance costs for some of the larger works would have been too much for a single museum like the Liljevachs Konsthall.

The exhibition costs 70 crowns to enter – a bit high for a Swedish exhibition, but Liljevachs wasn’t one of the museums recently blessed by the Ministry of Culture’s free entrance policy.

All the same, the crowds are massing for the show – more than 4,000 people made the trip last weekend, and Liljevachs expects people to keep showing up. With the museum director beaming away like that, how could anyone resist?

Andy Warhol: The late work (1972-1987) is on show at Liljevachs Konsthall until January 9, 2005.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet