Prison for bringing too much booze back to Sweden

Despite recent reports to the contrary, you cannot bring bulk quantities of alcohol in to Sweden from Denmark and Germany, although the laws changed in January this year.

According to Tuesday’s Expressen two men have been sentenced to prison for four months because they arrived in Helsingborg with 2000 litres of alcohol in a van – and couldn’t prove what it was for.

If you can prove that you intend to drink all the alcohol yourself you can bypass the limit, but it is illegal to sell it on to anyone else. And it isn’t acceptable to tell customs that “you’re stocking up your reserves” or that it’s been bought “for a large party”, Expressen warned readers.

“There are ways of legally checking if you are going to have a party or not and investigators can find out if a venue has been hired in your name”, said Prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem.

Source: Expressen