SL to scrap 30 million crown logo

Stockholm's Public Transport network has decided to scrap their new company logo, despite having spent 30 million crowns developing and promoting their new brand.

According to Wednesday’s DN, the SL board decided to “perk up their profile” in 2000 by changing their logo, which dates back to the 70’s.

Designers were appointed and also later awarded a prestigious design prize for “best logo”. The new logo is already used on some timetables and featured on the side of SL’s buses. When SL raised the price of the monthly travel card in the spring, one of the reasons given was the cost of introducing the new logo.

But the current board is not happy with the decision because they were never involved in making it.

“We cannot be responsible for something that we have no influence over”, said Anna Berger Kettner, Social Democrat and chairwoman of the SL board.

SL is funded half by taxes and half by ticket sales.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter