Swedish women “safer drivers than men”

"Men ought to leave the steering to their wives more often." So said DN this week, referring to a report from the "Safety in Traffic Network" (Nationalföreningen för trafiksäkerhetens främjande - 'NFT').

Women wear a seat belt more often, they don’t drink and drive and they are more likely to keep to speed limits than men. But more tellingly, 75 per cent of people dying in road accidents are men. Women make up a very high number of passengers involved in traffic accidents.

According to DN, the government is aiming to reduce the number of road deaths per year to 270 – from 530 last year.

“If everyone wears a seatblet, sticks to the speed limits and doesn’t drink and drive, the goal will be reached,” said Gunnar Carlsson at NFT.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter