Missing billionaire “can be declared officially dead”

The offspring of missing Swedish financier Carl-Erik Björkegren have filed a request before the Stockholm District Court to declare him officially dead.

An official declaration of death will take place through an advertisement in Dagens Nyheter urging those with information on the whereabouts of Björkegren to come forward within a year: otherwise the billionaire will be declared dead, 11 years after his mysterious disappearance.

Henlys stake has cost Volvo 1.8 billion crowns

AB Volvo yesterday sounded the death knell on bus company Henlys in a deal to liquidate the company at a cost of 1.2 billion crowns. To date, Volvo has lost 1.8 billion crowns on the bus maker.

Based on the agreement made with a consortium of 14 banks, Volvo becomes a direct shareholder in US school bus manufacturer Blue Bird with a stake of 42.5 per cent.

“We have a chance to regain [most of the losses] if American Blue Bird develops favourably,” said Volvo spokesperson Mårten Wikfors.

Ringholm wants to compete with taxes

Finance Minister Bosse Ringholm is firmly against harmonising taxes at the EU level.

“We won’t give up any tax rights to Brussels,” he said this week.

Sweden is among the few EU nations that refuse to give the EU a say on taxation.

“If we for instance would allow joint environmental taxes or harmonised tax base for corporate taxes within the EU, then it should be followed by several EU steps. This is why we must preserve the principle of unanimous EU decisions on taxes,” Ringholm said.

Tourism next goldmine

Armed with the right strategy, the numbers employed within the Swedish tourism industry could rise by 40,000, according to Ossian Stiernstrand, president of the Tourism Research Institute (Turismens Utredningsinstitut).

“Low air fares have favourably changed Sweden’s potential as a tourist destination,” he said.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri


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