Bergman reveals another daughter

A book recently released in Sweden has caused quite a stir in the literary and gossip pages. It seems that a rich, famous filmmaker has had an affair. Stop the presses.

Director Ingmar Bergman and his stepdaughter Maria von Rosen have written a book together, released by Nordstedts this week as “Tre dagböcker” (Three Diaries). The book is ostensibly based on the diaries of Ingmar and Ingrid Bergman and Maria von Rosen from the time that Ingrid was diagnosed with stomach cancer until her death in 1995, and the family’s experience of living through the illness.

The book’s major revelation, as far as the evening papers are concerned, is all about Ingmar and Maria. It turns out that Ingmar isn’t her stepfather – he’s her father! It’s a bit hard to follow, but this excerpt from Dagens Nyheter’s coverage of the scandal should clear things up:

“Maria von Rosen was 22 years old and had been close to Ingmar Berman for nearly ten years when he told her that she, his wife Ingrid’s youngest daughter from an earlier marriage, was in reality his own daughter.”

It seems that Ingmar and Ingrid, both married to others when they met in 1959, couldn’t quite keep their hands off each other. In her interview with Dagens Nyheter von Rosen explained how, after her father told her the truth, “a lot of puzzle pieces fell into place”.

Like most people, von Rosen always felt a bit outside of the family, a bit different. But unlike most people, she’s now found a jolly good reason – and quite a bit of press for the book she and her father wrote together.

“Tre dagböcker” was released in Swedish October 18. No word yet as to whether an English translation is forthcoming.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter