Malmö boy “planned school attack” – again

The 17-year-old boy picked up by police last week on suspicion of plotting an attack on Slottstadens School in Malmö was remanded in custody yesterday.

As Monday’s Expressen reported, the teenager is suspected of also stealing a car and unlawful behaviour.

The teenager was arrested, DN claimed, after another teenager indicated that the 17-year-old was planning another attack on Slottstadens School whilst being questioned by Skåne police. He was cleared earlier this year of similar charges on the grounds that the court did not believe he was capable of carrying out a bomb-attack against Slottstadens School.

The boy is reportedly fanatical about the Columbine high school massacre, which took place five years ago, and has allegedly longed to carry out a similar attack at his old school in Malmö.

Weapons and chemicals used for making home-made bombs were found in his possession when he was first arrested this year.

When Sydsvenskan spoke to the boy, just days before he was arrested late last week, he allegedly told the paper how he used to make dynamite in his bedroom.

Sydsvenskan also claimed the boy’s depression and hate of Slottstadens School, along with his obsession with the Columbine massacre, weighed heavily on his mind especially after he was excluded from end of term celebrations on account of his misconduct and his girlfriend broke up with him.

“Everything fell apart. I was depressed. I thought about doing something massive so the school could see just who I really was,” the boy told Sydsvenskan.

Through the internet the boy came into contact with other so-called “fans” of the Columbine killings further feeding his desire to attack the school.

The boy claimed, however, that he had turned over a new leaf after spending three months in jail this summer for robbery and possession of firearm charges.

The events of last week suggest otherwise.

Police now have one week to investigate the case against the 17-year-old before charges can be brought.