Pride attacker sentence reduced

The National Democrats' Youth Chairman Marc Abramsson has had a one and half year prison sentence reduced to four months by the Svea appeals court, Dagens Nyheter reported on Wednesday.

Abramsson was part of a group of seven convicted by a district court for assaulting Facundo Unia, press officer of the Pride festival in Stockholm last summer. The group also threw bottles at festival attendees, injuring two people.

The appeals court reversed the decision after viewing photos and video clippings from the incident, but others weren’t so fortunate.

The court maintained that the 73,000 crowns in damages slapped on five of the accused by the district will remain and DN noted that “a 23-year-old had his sentenced increased from four months to a year and ten months. It was evident from photos that he was very active in the brutal attack.”

The court said the freedom of sexual preference was upheld by its decision.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter