Madde shows shrinking violet Daniel the way

It is often said that younger siblings have all the fun: Princess Madeleine was certainly having a devil of a time at her halloween party in one of Stockholm’s trendiest restaurants. Her elder sister Victoria was feeling less carefree and easy, as word started to circulate that the pressures of celebrity were getting to her boyfriend, Daniel Westling.

The crown princess spoke in a television interview last week of the difficulties she had balancing her position with her love life. This week, Aftonbladet demonstrated the kind of difficulties that a royal boyfriend faces.

The paper reported that Daniel had become increasingly fed up with the attention he was receiving in the press. It noted that the couple used to walk openly together on the streets of Stockholm, but said that these days when Victoria and Daniel go to the gym they use different entrances to divert the press.

“Daniel doesn’t like being recognized, and being photographed in private is even worse,” a ‘friend’ told Aftonbladet. The friend went on to say that if the couple split, “it will be because of this.”

Aftonbladet reminded readers that this would not be the first time that Victoria had lost a boyfriend who could not handle all the attention. Her relationship with former boyfriend Daniel Collert broke up for just this reason, it reported.

A royal boyfriend who appears to be taking the press pack in his stride is Jonas Bergström, Princess Madeleine’s other half. He was by the young princess’s side as she held a halloween bash at a trendy Stockholm restaurant.

The “super secret” party, was “planned down to the last detail”, reported Expressen. The party girl herself made a grand entrance, dressed in a black wig with devil horns. Madeleine, clearly not the family’s shrinking violet, made quite an impression.

“Everyone laughed and she really drew attention to herself,” a guest told the paper.

Sources: Expressen, Aftonbladet