Special needs kids “not photogenic enough” for yearbook

When special needs children at a school in Skene, in the west of Sweden, brought home their school yearbook, their parents were surprised to see that their class photo was smaller than that of the other children in the school.

They were even more surprised when they heard the explanation from Ateljé Knäpparen AB, the company which produced the yearbook:

“Students in the special needs class aren’t the easiest to photograph. We did the best we can but some of the special needs kids don’t look too good in pictures.”

Parents told Tuesday’s Göteborgs-Posten that it’s discrimination and that their children are upset about being featured differently from the other children.

But the head of the school, Emmy Johansson, said she was surprised that the photographers made this comment.

“I’m not aware of any deliberate discrimination,” she told the paper.

The school has offered another explanation – that special needs class are smaller, and that this could be the reason why the picture doesn’t take up an entire page.

Sources: Göteborgs Posten