Nursery staff “locked child in a room”

Two parents in Piteå have reported Piteå Council to the Department of Education because they believe nursery staff at the council run school maltreated their child. The parents noticed that things were "not as they should be" after their son started to display mood swings and wet his bed.

According to DN, the child mentioned several occasions when he’d been locked in a room, remembering keys and what type of room he had been in. His mother, who is a nursery school teacher herself, said that when she realised what the child was referring to they decided to report the issue so that it could be investigated.

“If the details are right it’s outrageous, I’ve never come across anything like it”, said Heidi Zetterberg from the Department of Education in Piteå.

The parents allege that nursery staff have already admitted that they locked the child in a room on one occasion.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter