Tom Tit’s education experiment rejected

A council-run company in Södertälje has been trying to start their own independent school, according to DN on Friday. The learning and skills company "Tom Tits AB" has been waiting for the education authorities to accept their proposal of their new venture but had their plans rejected last Thursday, according to DN.

Tom Tits, a registered company owned by Södertälje council, aimed to open an independent school specifically concentrating on science and technology. It was to be linked to the science centre ‘Tom Tits Experiment’.

Local politicians are disappointed with the rejection.

“We will argue against the decision,” said local Social Democrat politician Susanne Bergström. The education authorities said they are against the principle of a private company being run by the council.

“The school would possibly be able to draft a contract that would give the local council specific liabilities, which would put the school in a different league to other comprehensives in the area,” confirmed DN.

“Why is it that a private company can run a school, but when a company owned by the council tries to run one they get rejected?” wondered Bergström. She believes that an independent school would open up avenues for good teachers, instead of having them taking jobs at private schools.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter