Swedish hunter attacked by elk

A 43 year old Dalarna man had his cheekbones crushed by an elk last week while training his hunting dogs in the forest.

According to Friday’s Expressen, Bernt Olsson’s dogs sniffed out an elk with two calves in tow. To protect its calves, the elk apparently turned on the dogs which came running back to their owner – with the angry elk in hot pursuit.

“All of a sudden I was kicked in the head and lost consciousness,” said Olsson. When he woke up both the dogs and the elks were gone. He managed to get to the road to get stop a car to get a lift home. His wife took him straight to A&E.

“It’s a miracle that I am alive,” said Olsson. The two dogs were later found unharmed and Olsson is recovering from his injuries at home.

Sources: Expressen