Rumours of Swedish royal wedding reach fever pitch

Is it about to be made official? Could Sweden soon have a new prince? Well, Expressen certainly seems confident: “Victoria and Daniel are planning a wedding for next summer” was the headline splashed across newsagents’ windows the length and breadth of Sweden.

The Swedish tabloids and gossip magazines may be in the habit of issuing almost monthly predictions of impending royal weddings, but one day they’ll be right. Here at The Local we’re willing to suspend disbelief once more and deck the editorial offices in blue and yellow bunting.

Expressen, citing the usual “knowledgeable sources”, claimed on Tuesday that King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia had given their approval for Crown Princess Victoria to marry her long-term boyfriend Daniel Westling, and had overcome earlier doubts about the relationship.

The wedding is expected to take place in the cathedral of Storkyrkan, near the royal palace in Stockholm next summer. Before making it official, the couple would first need permission from the government. It is expected that Daniel will become a prince when the couple marry.

The paper said that the king and queen had previously thought that Westling was not well enough educated and had poor social skills. Now, says Expressen’s source, things have changed:

“They have realized that they have to deal with it. They have also begun to see that Daniel is a conscientious, competent and ambitious person.”

Far from the king obstructing the marriage, it seems that Daniel has been the one with most doubts. The paper says that he has been affected by comments that he would not be suitable to marry the heir to Sweden’s throne. He is also, it appears, frightened by the attention that goes with the job.

The news of engagement rumours was accompanied by comforting news for anyone bored with being packed off on professional development courses by their employer – it seems that even royalty are not exempt. In fact, as The Local reported recently, the Crown Princess has been studying ‘Queenology’ for some time. Now Daniel is to get “discreet” training from “hand picked teachers”, who will instruct him in languages and “good behaviour”.

Sources: Expressen