Bodybuilder wrecks hospital waiting room

A 27 year old bodybuilder caused havoc in the waiting room at the mental illness clinic of Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset in Gothenburg, according to Expressen on Tuesday.

The man went to the clinic for help but was told he had to wait for his turn in the waiting room. Allegedly he became very angry that he had to wait to see a consultant and decided to trash the entire waiting room, said Expressen.

The man arrived at midnight on Monday night, apparently under the influence of drugs, although he didn’t display any signs of being aggressive. Then he suddenly started wrecking the place, kicking the coffee machine as well as pushing over furniture, explained Expressen.

“He was shouting that he was going to kill someone if he wasn’t treated immediately,” said Expressen.

“We felt very threatened by his behaviour,” said Thomas Lindgren, caretaker at Sahlgrenska Hospital.

Lindgren was very critical of security measurements at the clinic, but managers at the unit todl Expressen that an investigation would be carried out before they make any statements about security issues for their staff.

Sources: Expressen