Victoria ?the clever one? among Sweden?s royals

The people have spoken – Crown Princess Victoria is the intellectual of the Bernadotte family. This was the main finding of an Internet survey on perceptions of the Swedish royal family’s academic prowess that might have left King Carl Gustaf feeling slighted – only three percent of Swedes thought that the monarch was brighter than his kids.

The survey, carried out by Internet company IC Research, questioned a “representative sample” of the Swedish people, it was reported in Aftonbladet. But the survey’s apparent credentials did nothing to impress the royal press spokeswoman, Ann-Christine Jernberg.

“I think it is distasteful that people vote about such things,” she told Aftonbladet. Yet maybe things really aren’t all that bad for the king: the survey also revealed that Swedes think that he is a good representative for Sweden, and that the monarchy will still be around in a hundred years.

Still, when it came to nominations for the brain of Drottningholm, the king’s popularity couldn’t save him. Victoria, with 34.7 percent of the votes, had clearly managed to overcome people’s prejudices about the intellect of royalty. Respondents appeared to be impressed by her academic record: she has taken courses at Yale and studied French at a university in Angers, France.

The heir to the throne was followed in the royal brain stakes by her mother Queen Silvia and sister, Princess Madeleine, but the monarch himself was considered to be the brightest in his family by only 2.9 percent of respondents.

As if it wasn’t cruel enough that His Majesty’s subjects think that someone else has inherited the family brain cells, they also believe that he should get less money. Forty-nine percent of respondents said that the royal house gets too much money from the state – a view that was given short shrift by a school-marmish Ann-Christine Jernberg:

“Those who have said that don’t know where the money goes,” she said. “I suggest they read our annual accounts on the website”.