Public approves Sweden’s tsunami coverage

The Swedish media's coverage of the tsunami tragedy has met with the approval of the Swedish public, according to DN on Tuesday.

Pictures of the dead and those who are missing have been accepted as necessary, and with reference to similar media cover of the Estonia tragedy in the past, it seems no rage has ensued this time around.

The national media watchdog (Granskingsnämnden) has only received four complaints regarding television and radio cover, while the national media association (Press Ombudsmannen) has not received any.

“It took too long for overseas correspondents to cover the disarray from a local perspective and the focus on Swedish victims was too strong. But generally all coverage has been good so far,” said Göran Greider, Editor at Dala-Demokraten.

Bo Strömstedt, former Editor in Chief at Expressen, also believes all sourcing and reporting has been up to standard.

“I believe Swedish media coverage has been encompassing, on the ball and adequate,” said Strömstedt.

He believes the media was been quicker to respond and report than Swedish authorities in general, according to DN.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter