20-year old woman missing after New Year?s Eve party

TT and Aftonbladet reported on Tuesday that the police in Rörvik near Sävsjö in Småland were still searching on Monday night for a 20-year old girl who went missing after a New Year’s Eve party.

Search teams with dogs have been sent out in the immediate area.

The girl was apparently reported missing at around 2pm on New Year’s Day.

“She had vanished from a party in the local village hall and had left her coat behind,” according to Aftonbladet.

Sources: Aftonbladet


Armed police evacuate and search Malmö’s Emporia shopping mall

Armed police are searching Malmö's Emporia shopping mall and are evacuating all shoppers and retail staff, Sweden's state broadcaster SVT has reported.

Armed police evacuate and search Malmö's Emporia shopping mall

“We got a message that everyone had to evacuate immediately, so everyone started to run, including me,” a witness told SVT. 

Filip Annas, a spokesperson for the Malmö police said that the operation had been launched after a member of the public reported seeing a person with a “weapon-like object” at the entrance of the mall. 

“We have found a person who matches the description but have not found a weapon,” he said. “We are continuing to search thoughout Emporia and will hopefully complete the operation shortly.” 

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