“Fraudulent collections” for tsunami victims

SvD reported this week that the tsunami disaster has been used as "a cover" for false charity collections.

Sofia Eriksson in Gothenburg told the paper that a young man called at her door selling confectionery to raise money for tsunami victims. But Eriksson became suspicious about the boy because he was only carrying one pack of the goods and was asking for far too much money.

He said he worked on behalf of his school and that one of his school friends had lost his relatives in the wave. When Eriksson rang the school to check if they were running a collection campaign she was told they didn’t.

A number of people have been caught doing similar things and two boys with money buckets in the centre of Gothenburg said they were collecting for the Red Cross. They were later reported to the police by two passers by. A man in Helsingborg has also been using the Red Cross under false pretences to collect money for tsunami victims. It has even been reported that a money bucket has been stolen from the Red Cross in Eslöv, according to SvD.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet