Stockholm school considers compulsory uniform

DN reported on Friday that Stockholm's Maria Elementary School is strongly considering making school uniform obligatory.

School principal Eva Wikberg told DN, “We’re discussing whether compulsory school uniform would be a good idea.”

Wikberg claimed this would avoid school pupils comparing each others’ clothes. It would also stop pupils being ostracised or teased by their peers because they can’t afford the “right” clothes.

At the beginning of October last year the school provoked a furious debate by banning large earrings, mini-skirts or body-piercing.

In true school-mistress fashion, Eva Wikberg had notified parents and students in writing that by attending Maria Elementarskola, a grant-maintained, or so-called “free school”, on Södermalm, they had agreed to follow the school’s guiding principles – and this stretched to the school’s dress code.

Outraged parents complained and a number of pupils considered leaving the school, according to DN.

Since the autumn, the school has been discussing closely with pupils whether or not school uniform is a good idea. Part of the work has included bringing in specialists from the clothes and advertising industry to discuss the significance of brand names with pupils.

Eva Wikberg told DN on Friday that students in one class have gone so far as to admit that they’ll accept school uniform if they can have some say over how the uniform looks.

Although there are no immediate plans to introduce compulsory school uniform, Wikberg nonetheless confided that it remains a possibility.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter