Sony Ericsson tops Sweden’s handset rankings

Of the three million mobile phones sold in Sweden in 2004, Sony Ericsson and Nokia produced the nine best-selling models.

Sony Ericsson’s T630 and T610 camera phones topped the rankings, followed by Nokia’s 3410, 1100 and 3510i. Siemens ranked tenth with its A52.

Storm costs estimated at SKr 500 million

Insurance firm estimate that the storm that lashed Sweden over the weekend is likely to cost SKr 500 million.

During the storm, the worst to hit Sweden since 1969, four of the country’s eleven nuclear reactors had to be shut down.

Unemployment in the EU

Eurostat reports that unemployment in the twelve eurozone countries was at 8.9 per cent in November, on a par with the figure in October.

In the EU as a whole unemployment was also at 8.9 per cent in November. Poland had the highest unemployment rate among the member states at 18.4 per cent, followed by Slovakia with 17.3. Ireland had the lowest unemployment rate at 4.3 per cent while in Sweden unemployment was at 6.4 per cent.

Lidl ranks last in quality survey

Discount grocery chain Lidl is at the bottom of the rankings in a quality survey carried out by SvD. The survey reveals that ICA has the most satisfied customers, closely followed by Coop and Axfood.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri