Swedish sex cop caught in prostitution case

A middle-aged Stockholm policeman investigating a prostitution racket has appeared in court charged with "buying services" from the very brothel he was investigating, according to Aftonbladet on Wednesday.

Three men, two from Estonia, and one woman, are suspected to be behind a prostitution network involving girls from Estonia who were under 18 years of age.

“This mainly revolves around a criminal organisation in Estonia that has been branching out to Sweden looking for its clients here”, said Anna Lena Nilemar at the court.

The suspected policeman belonged to a “special force” that was supposed to investigate how the organisation had made use of the Internet to set up its business.

One of the Estonian women identified the policeman on a picture showed to her, claiming he was “like any other paying customer”, said Aftonbladet.

Under interrogation the police officer said he used the brothel’s services “out of pure curiosity”.

Sources: Aftonbladet