86-year old man shot in bank robbery

An 86 year old man was shot in the arm during a bank robbery near Uppsala, on Monday, reported TT and DN. Two robbers, said by witnesses to be between 20 and 25 years old, entered Handelsbanken's branch in Tierp, 50 km north of Uppsala, and threatened the staff and the 86-year old customer.

“When the robbers arrived the customer was just about to leave, and that’s when they started shooting at him”, said Lena Larsson, spokeswoman at the police in Uppsala. The man was not fatally injured and is recovering in hospital. Police were searching for the robbers but failed to find them. A suspected getaway car was found nearby, and has been sent to forensic experts. An investiagtion is also underway at the bank premises. The police cannot yet confirm how many shots were fired and if the two men managed to steal anything.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, TT