Businessman feared kidnapped in Sweden

Police across Sweden are searching for the managing director of Swedish electronics retailer Siba amid fears that he has been kidnapped, several papers have reported.

So far, conflicting accounts of 32-year old Fabian Bengtsson’s disappearance are circulating. Sydsvenska Dagbladet quotes sources saying that Bengtsson was last seen leaving his home in Gothenburg on Monday morning in his BMW M3. The paper goes on to say that a text message was sent from his mobile at 10.37, which gave his family cause for concern.

Yet according to Göteborgs Posten, he was last seen at 10 o’clock on Monday evening, and the text message was received by his father Bengt – who is CEO of Siba – on Tuesday morning.

Police are not yet confirming that they suspect that Bengtsson has been kidnapped, although they have said that they are searching for a missing person, and are taking the situation very seriously.

Police say that they will release more information during Wednesday, although police spokesman Jan Bertilsson added that in investigations of this kind they issue information sparingly, as it can have an effect on the outcome.

Sources: Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Göteborgs Posten, Dagens Nyheter