New leads in SIBA boss kidnap case

Police say they are hopeful that Fabian Bengtsson, the 32 year old chief executive and co-owner of electronics retail giant SIBA who was apparently kidnapped on Monday, will be released.

According to Aftonbladet, the suspected kidnappers have contacted Fabian Bengtsson’s family “with specific demands”, while Friday’s Göteborgs-Posten said that one of the “hottest leads” is a withdrawal from his bank account.

The money was taken out at an SEB cash machine in Doktor Fries Torg in Gothenburg at 8.22 on Monday morning – 37 minutes after Fabian Bengtsson was last seen. At the time there was over 50,000 crowns in his account but it is not known how much was withdrawn. There were no security cameras in the vicinity of the machine.

“The cash machine on Doktor Fries Torg is one of very few in the centre which we don’t actually have a camera on,” said Martin Frimansson in SEB’s security department.

GP also reported that on Sunday four unidentified men were seen in the garage where Fabian Bengtsson kept his car. According to a witness, they “disappeared with a screech in a Toyota”. There was no camera in the garage either.

Fabian Bengtsson’s car has been taken for analysis and police in Västra Götaland have called in Stockholm’s ‘criminal profile group’ to help identify the kidnappers.

Aftonbladet said that Bengtsson called his father’s mobile twice on Monday morning but was put through to the answer service. Both calls were made in the Gothenburg area and “a source” told the paper that in one message the suspected kidnappers could be heard in the background.

“They are speaking a foreign language. But it’s hard to hear what language it could be.”

In the other message, Fabian himself appeared to comment that his father wasn’t answering.

Then on Tuesday, according to Aftonbladet, the kidnappers contacted Fabian Bengtsson’s father again.

“They put forward some kind of demand. The call was made from the area and therefore we believe Fabian Bengtsson is still in the Gothenburg area,” said the source.

Police are still reluctant to reveal much about the investigation to the press, fearing it could put Fabian Bengtsson in danger.

“We’re are not going to go into the search situation at all at the moment,” said Thomas Fuxborg at Västra Götaland police. “We are working with the tips we’ve had in but we won’t comment on them.”

Fuxborg did, however, confirm that “quite a big stream of tips” was coming in all the time.

“We have just one objective and that is to bring about a happy conclusion and that Fabian Bengtsson comes home safe and sound,” he added.

Sources: Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgs Posten, Dagens Nyheter