Örebro men deny faking road accident for SEK4m payout

Three men in Örebro are suspected of having "faked a road accident" so that they could claim insurance of up to 4 million crowns, reported Expressen on Friday.

One of the men had to be sent to hospital for whiplash injuries. It appears the plan was that one car was supposed to break down on the road. Meanwhile, the second car was supposed to “accidentally” crash in to the broken car.

But inspectors from Folksam Insurance believe an oil filter in the “broken down car” gave the scam away. The way it was broken meant there would have been a heavy leak, but there were no signs of oil leakage on the spot – suggesting that the car was towed to the place where the “accident” occured.

The insurance company is also suspicious of the fact that the men all knew each other.

The three men are charged with serious attempted fraud but they deny all allegations.