Elsam rejects Vattenfall

Elsam’s board has rejected Vattenfall’s offer in favour of the state Danish oil and gas company Dong. However, the Swedish energy giant is not giving up yet.

“We still think that Vattenfall has given Elsam’s owners the best alternative,” says head of information Martin May.

Bofors close to Indian order

Bofors’ subsidiary SWS Defence is a major step closer to securing a billion crown order from India for new field howitzer after tests conducted during the winter. The Swedish cannons apparently outperformed the rival Israeli and South African ones.

Volvo success story for Ford

Car manufacturer Ford reports profits of 104 million dollars for the fourth quarter. Car sales have fallen, but Volvo is the exception. During 2004, sales of Volvo cars reached an impressive 450,000.

French competitor beats Pricer

Pricer’s French competitor, price-marking company SES, has won the major part of a negotiation with the French retail chain Carrefour. SES won a contract for around 130 shops in the country, while Pricer’s contract is for 12 shops in Belgium. A source said that SES’s products were considered cheaper and easier to use.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri


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