Boy dies in storm clear-up

A 16-year old boy died last week as he was helping to clear up after the recent storms, according to Dagens Nyheter.

The boy and his father were working together as contractors for the power company Elektro Sandberg. They were told no cables at the site were live, but when the boy touched one he was electrocuted.

He suffered serious burns and later died in hospital. It is still unknown to what extent the father was injured, but according to DN he is recovering in hospital. Health and safety officers fear safety regulations may have been broken and intend to investigate the incident.

“Amongst other things it is not allowed for a 16-year old to work with high power cables or to work at heights,” said Johan Aspegren, information officer at the power company Elektro Sandberg.

“A cable that needs repairing is not supposed to be live and this is something we have to investigate. It’s a very tragic accident,” he added.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter