Increased security for Swedish foreign minister

The security surrounding the current whipping-girl of Swedish politics, Laila Freivalds is to be increased, according to SvD and Aftonbladet. The icy foreign minister, who famously went to the theatre whilst hundreds of Swedes struggled against the effects of tsunami, is now under 24 hour protection.

This comes as a result of the general public’s continued anger at Freivalds over her handling of the tsunami disaster.

Time will no doubt heal a lot of the bad feeling currently directed at Freivalds, but Swedish police are taking no chances: after the murder of former foregin minster, Anna Lindh, security is paramount.

Police chief Klas Bergenstrand told Aftonbladet “I’m not aware of any direct threat [against Freivalds],” but admitted that security measures around the controversial politician have been stepped up by Säpo, who are responsible for guaranteeing the security of the royal family, the prime minister and key political figures.

Bergenstrand wouldn’t go into details about the nature of the protection Freivalds is receiving, but, as Aftonbladet were keen to point out, public wrath over the Government’s handling of the disaster has largely been directed largely at Freivalds.

Thousands of angry emails, faxes and letters have swamped the Foreign Office since the tsunami demanding Freivald’s resignation, noted SvD.

Laila Freivalds wouldn’t comment on the reported increased protection she is getting.

“I don’t see any reason to,” she frankly admitted via her press secretary, Anders Hagquist.

Hagquist didn’t mention how Laila was feeling about singer Magnus Uggla’s public jab at the politician this week. Not-so-shy-and-retiring Uggla is currently wowing Stockholm audiences at Hamburg Börs with his current show which includes the recently penned “Jag mår illa” (I feel sick).

This rather topical ditty includes the line “Laila Freivalds ska få spö av Mankan, hårt som fankan”. In other words: “Laila Freivalds is in for a good slapping”.