Government to investigate gay marriage

The government has agreed to investigate the possibility of allowing same-sex couples to marry, according to DN on Thursday.

A cross-party task force will produce a report on gay marriage and the types of weddings that should be available to homosexual couples.

The task force will also look at the role of the religious community.

“They will question the ritual of same gender marriage and whether it should be part of the religious community or not”, explained DN.

If gay marriage is legalized it means that the same sex partnership law will cease to exist. However, it appears the government has chosen not to involve the people who will be personally affected by the possible law change.

Instead they’re seeking reference and guidance from parliamentary representatives and the religious community. This has not gone down well with RFSL (the association for sexual equality).

“The decision to appoint reference groups without representatives from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups is preposterous,” said Sören Andersson, chairman of RFSL.

“What objective reason can there be for giving the religious community influence over the legal consequences of the investigator’s work, but not LGBT groups?”

Sources: Dagens Nyheter