Swedish man jailed for shooting burglar

A man has been jailed for two years for shooting a trespasser on his property.

Monday’s DN reported that a couple in Omberg in Östergötland had an unexpected visit from two thieves just before Christmas last year. One 20-year old and one 59-year old man from Motala had decided to break in to the house owned by the couple, who are in their sixties.

When the man heard them he fetched a shotgun and then shot the 20-year old man. He was seriously injured and taken to Linköping University Hospital for treatment. All four have been charged in court. The man using the shotgun will be jailed for two years and six months for attempted murder and breaking gun licensing laws.

The woman is conditionally charged with breaking gun licensing laws, while both the thieves have been jailed for unlawfully entering somebody’s house.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter