Stockholm University student charged with sabotage

A student from Stockholm University is in custody on suspicion of sabotaging the university premises, according to DN on Monday.

The man is believed to have poisoned the coffee in a vending machine and allegedly left gas taps on the premises open deliberately. Last Friday he was charged with sabotage and breaching health and safety regulations.

Several of the attacks targeted the instutite for biochemistry and physics, where the man previously attended lectures.

“We had a deliberate gas leak on our premises last year”, confirmed Professor Stefan Nordlund to TT.

In February last year fifteen people were taken ill from drinking coffee from a vending machine which was later found to have been poisoned.

It is alleged that freezers with scientific samples were tampered with as well and the power was deliberately cut off twice last year by the same man. What is not clear, however, is why the student would want to destroy the work of the institute.

The man recently enrolled for a biology degree and the last sabotage targeted at the institute involved the biology laboratory. The university has said they may suspend the student from his course. The student denies the allegations.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, SR