porn scandal continues to rage, it looks increasingly likely that heads will roll. "/> porn scandal continues to rage, it looks increasingly likely that heads will roll. " />

Ex-party leader to investigate school porn scandal

As Sweden's latest porn scandal continues to rage, it looks increasingly likely that heads will roll.

Last week’s press leapt on the news that a group of 6 year old pupils from Nacka’s Stensö School were exposed to pornographic material read from a novel when they visited Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre) for an arts project.

Now, Tobias Billström, a member of the parliamentary committee representing the Moderate Party, has told TT he believes Dramatiska Institutet’s director Per Lysander will lose his job when the government finally responds. The government is, after all, responsible for appointing the head of the DI.

Billström also believes Susanne Osten, who headed the controversial “Love & Sexuality” project, will be forced out of her position as expert for the Government’s Action Group for Children’s Culture.

Both Lysander and Osten were, nonetheless, present at a meeting held on Tuesday evening at Stensö School to discuss just what went on when the pupils from the school visited DI.

According to reports, feelings ran high after the hastily arranged meeting, with many parents still angry. They were even more upset when Osten admitted that a group of older pupils from the school had been read a story about “a girl and a boy who have sex and how they use a condom,” as enraged parent Niklas Psarros (28), whose six-year old had been involved, put it.

“Even if [DI’s students] are artists, they’ve got to have a drop of common sense,” an angry mother declared.

Per Lysander said he felt better after meeting parents face to face. Apparently he appreciated the opportunity to apologise to them for what happened.

Suzanne Osten, whose students were responsible for the scandal, admitted, “I should have had more of an idea of what my students were doing.”

Students from DI were invited to attend the meeting but only four showed up. Predictably, the 31-year old male student who wrote the alleged pornographic text about two girls having oral sex didn’t attend.

In fact, Aftonbladet reported that the student has moved “to a secret location” after tabloid columnist Linda Skugge wrote that he ought to get a good beating.

In spite of much of the attention initially focusing on the actions of one student, the last few days have seen DI come under increased pressure after it was revealed that the infants who visited DI in conjunction with the “Love and Sexuality” project were subjected to a variety of dubious activities.

These included being encouraged to practice “dirty words” and looking on whilst students danced and pranced around in tight fitting body suits and costumes with enlarged genitalia.

The response has largely been predictable. Culture & Education Minister Leif Pagrotsky has expressed how jolly upset he is by what’s happened whilst DI has sprung into action and commissioned an independent inquiry to investigate the whole affair.

That inquiry will be headed by Bengt Westerberg, former leader of the liberal party, Folkpartiet.

“We’re really happy Bengt Westerberg has agreed to undertake the difficult task of investigating what happened and just what went wrong,” Astrid Assefa, spokesperson for DI said. “We’re very so sorry about what’s happened,” she added.

It is not known when the inquiry will be completed.

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