Brothel discovered in Malmö solarium

"The girl in reception at a tanning shop in Malmö used to charge clients who came to use the tanning booths. But, she also charged clients who went downstairs to the basement in order to engage in sexual activities," revealed Expressen on Wednesday.

According to the police in Malmö at least four women have been arrested for pimping. They deny the charges.

“There is no doubt of what has actually been going on in the tanning shop”, said the police to Expressen.

Chief Inspector Thomas Albinsson told the paper that in a dawn raid on the shop police found “objects for sexual enhancement”, which did not have anything to do with a tanning shop’s usual range of services.

The tanning shop is said to have been part of the “organised sex industry” for up to ten years. Police say they have been aware of this but unable to step in.

“We have been waiting for evidence”, confirmed Albinsson.

One woman working at the tanning shop is said to have earned up to 10,000 crowns a week. While selling sex is not illegal, the way in which it has been “encouraged and facilitated in an official office” appears to be what has broken the law in this case.

At least ten of the clients have been identified and they may be charged with breaking sex trade laws.

Source: Expressen