Axe murderer jailed for ten years

A man has been found guilty of murdering a 38 year old mother of three with an axe at her home in Piteå, in the north of Sweden. Glen Lövgren, 40, admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend, Mari Larsson, and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

On a Saturday evening in October of last year, Mari Larsson was at a bar called Olivers Inn. Glen Lövgren, the man she had lived with some time before but whom she had left, was there too.

Lövgren told Luleå district court how he became jealous when he saw her talking to another man:

“He was all over her and so I went up to him and hit him. Then I was thrown out by the doormen.”

Lövgren went straight round to Mari Larsson’s unlocked house, took an axe from the cellar and sat waiting on a sofa.

“I was going to use the axe to get some respect, to threaten him, scare him away,” he told the court.

Mari Larsson arrived home alone, but she as she came into the house she was speaking on her mobile phone to the man she had been with earlier.

“I sat on the sofa and listened to the call,” said Lövgren in the trial.

“I heard how they talked about me and I heard her say on the phone that she regretted our relationship. She said that the only thing I was good for was taking care of the kids.”

Lövgren told the court that he then showed himself to Mari Larsson, wanting her to know that he had overheard the conversation. But he said that she mocked and taunted him. That was when he began to hit her about the head with the axe.

According to the medical examiner, Mari Larsson was hit at least three times. She died from her wounds three days later at Umeå university hospital.

The prosecutor, Folke Ailinpieti, asked Lövgren why he had attacked her.

“I was hurt, disappointed,” he replied.

Ailinpieti argued that Glen Lövgren was guilty of murder and should therefore be sentenced to life imprisonment. But the defence maintained that the killing could not be classified as murder since Lövgren loved Mari Larsson and had not intended to kill her.

While Lövgren was found guilty of murder, the court appears to have taken into account the defence’s argument in sentencing him to ten years, rather than life imprisonment. He will also be required to pay each of Mari Larsson’s three children around 65,000 crowns in compensation.

Sources: Norrländska Socialdemokraten, Dagens Nyheter, Expressen