Fourth kidnapper of Siba CEO arrested

The number of people who been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping of Siba chief executive Fabian Bengtsson now stands at four.

In the small hours of Thursday morning a 25 year old woman was arrested in Gothenburg, and on Wednesday evening a 24 year old man was detained in Copenhagen.

Expressen reported that “a large number of heavily armed Danish officers” were deployed at the request of the Swedish police and the Copenhagen arrest was made without incident.

According to Expressen the suspect was already being transported under police guard to Gothenburg early on Thursday morning.

Police have yet to confirm the nationality of the 24 year old but say “he is neither Swedish nor Danish”. But he has ties to the country, according to Göteborgs Posten, which reported that his parents live in Denmark.

Fabian Bengtsson disappeared from his home in Gothenburg on January 17th and was held captive for 17 days. In the ongoing hunt for the kidnappers, police now have four suspects in three different countries.

Two weeks ago, Austrian police arrested a 27 year old Swede of Yugoslavian descent in Vienna. On Wednesday evening, Swedish police and prosecutor Peter Larsson were in the Austrian capital to question the suspect.

“I can’t go into detail but he has given an account,” said Peter Larsson to Swedish news agency TT.

GP reported that the suspect has agreed to be handed over to Swedish police although an official extradition date has not been made. Larsson added, “I can’t say before we have concluded out legal discussions. At the earliest, a few days is my estimate.”

Defence lawyer Werner Tomanek told GP that his client is suspected of sending a ransom text message to the tune of 65,000 euros for the release of Bengtsson, although he was not directly involved in the kidnapping.

But according to Aftonbladet, a “close friend” of the 27 year old said he was the brains behind the kidnapping.

“It was him who mastered the plan,” the friend told the Swedish tabloid. “We were at a party and he said that he wanted to do something big involving big money.”

Meanwhile, a 43 year old man detained since Sunday in Gothenburg has admitted involvement in the kidnapping. Expressen reported that the suspect is of Croatian origin and was arrested in the apartment where Bengtsson is believed to have been held in a specially made box during his captivity.

The newspaper concluded that prosecutor Peter Larsson is expected to travel to Gothenburg on Thursday, possibly via Copenhagen.

Meanwhile Larsson told Aftonbladet that more arrests are expected in the near future. “We have strong evidence and extensive information,” he said.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen, Aftonbladet, Göteborgs Posten, TT