Vodka taster not guilty of drunk-driving

A senior taster at alcohol supplier Vin & Sprit AB was found not guilty of drunk driving by the appeal court on Monday. According to the court she had not intended to imbibe the alcohol which had pushed her over the limit.

Dagens Nyheter reported that in February 2002 the woman had taken part in a vodka tasting session in which she had tried 40 different varieties.

While the method of testing involves merely swishing the vodka around the mouth for twenty seconds and then spitting it out, the woman’s blood alcohol level – when she was stopped by traffic police some three hours later – was apparently equivalent to having consumed 100ml of the stuff.

Svea Appeal Court noted that the woman should have been aware that there was a risk involved with the tasting, but it accepted that the woman had not intended to become intoxicated and acquitted her.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter